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 Competition for the GlasFestival Wertheim 2023 

The competition terms worked well in the past, so we're going to keep them.... well, almost

The Topic 

This competition is different from all the previous ones: it is a team competition. Come, design and work together and inspire all of us! Joint brainstorming is encouraged.

We are looking forward to your ideas!

Fusion – Together Creating Something Unique 

The Challenge

The fusion of different craft techniques and materials is always new and exciting. Join your skills with other artists. Whether ‘your‘ glass is combined with ceramics, leather,
metal, textiles or other glass-working craft techniques, the hot-worked glass must always be the focus for this competition. Apart from that, the sky is the limit…..

Also this year we would like two or three lines of an artist’s statement in addition to your design and photo, in which you write your thoughts on your work.

The Participans 

Anyone who enjoys creating and working with hot glass who wants to take up the challenge can participate, remembering of course that this year artists must
collaborate. Participants are not required to be members of the GlasperlenSpectrum e.V. association.

The contribution of the previous year's winner will be included in this year‘s evaluation too, as this time it‘s the collaboration of artists that is especially considered.


The Expert Jury 

As in the past, submitted works will be assessed by an expert jury whose members come from various fields, such as the Wertheim city administration, museums, glass
blowing/art, jewelery design and instructors. The jurors will incorporate various criteria into their evaluation.

• Autonomy of the idea - first impression

• Creation – design

• Craftsmanship

• Innovation – experiment

• The jury's rating will contribute 50% to the overall rating.


The Audience Rating 

As always, public voting will be included. Everyone attending the event in Wertheim is entitled to vote. The public rating will also account for 50% of the overall result.
In our opinion the evaluation of the artists‘ works is only possible if seen in person –therefore we do not offer internet voting.


The Prizes 

As every year, we award three prizes in the competition:

1st place 150 euros per team member

2nd place 100 euros per team member

3rd place 50 euros per team member

Furthermore, this year no special prize will be awarded by the jury, because artists (of the same or different crafts) are collaborating in teams and the individual artist’s
contribution will not be evaluated.


The Rules 

Of course a few rules for the competition contribution need to be observed.

• Handcrafted objects of the same or different materials are accepted

• Focus is on working with hot glass– in other words: glass must be priority!

• One object may be submitted per team

• Artists may join different teams, but not with the same material/the same technique. Working with glass in several teams is not permitted. However, it is possible to work in one team with glass and in another team with e.g. electroplating.

• A team may have a maximum of 4 participants

• The combination of different glasses and/or materials is desired this year, subsequently the assembly of works using tools (glue, screws, etc.) is permitted.

• The object should not exceed the dimensions 20x20x20 cm.

It must be compact and sturdy! We don't want any monuments that could break during

transportation or set-up or are fragile in any way.

All work must be packaged securely (especially marbles or round objects) and in a manner that will not result in damage upon opening.

• Entries submitted to the competition must not have been exhibited prior to, or during the competition.

• Photo with a neutral background (white or gray), minimum resolution 1650 x 1240 pixels

• A brief artist’s statement of the submitted object with a maximum of 200 characters.

We reserve the right to exclude items from the competition and to return them if they

do not meet the stated criteria.


The Deadline

The closing date for entries is July 9th, 2023. Please send your work to:

Gabriele and Charly Hummel
Schmidsfelden 3
88299 Leutkirch-Winterstetten

Either send in your photo and artist’s statement on a USB stick together with your work or e-mail photo and statement in advance to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

We hope this year‘s competition will again be an exciting challenge equally for ‘old hands‘ and ‘spring chickens‘.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Just send us your inquiries through our Facebook page (Glasperlenspectrum e.V.) or by email to
Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. As in the previous year, we will pin the competition tender post on top of our FB page so that you‘ll find it immediately.

We look forward to numerous submissions!